CM 12 for Desire 816 Review

The ROM for the CyanogenMod 12 for the HTC Desire 816 can be found here.

  For those of us who are not hardcore root enthusiasts, CM 12 is essentially a leading ROM that a lot of people seem to like. Unfortunately, many people struggle to properly install CM 12 or try to install it thinking it will upgrade their rooted phone to the normal stock 5.0.2. This however, is false.

  CM 12 is far different from the stock 5.0.2 – instead of being prompted to login into your google account and begin recovering data via HTC Backup, there is a prompt to login into your CyanogenMod account and there are no HTC apps whatsoever. ( If you install HTC Backup through the app store it will continuously crash, and lock up your phone ) Another fault I found, that I could not fix, was the: no data connection problem – that would not recognize my SIM card. This is a problem near everyone has, but I thought it invalidated keeping the ROM.

  Thus I began all over again and wiped my phone.

CM 12 for Desire 816 Review